At TODOPADEL we have a large catalog of the best padel brands, with the best prices. Rackets for all types of players: from beginners to the models of the best players in the WPT, for the most demanding.

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IMPORTANT: The rackets have a SIX month warranty period from the date of purchase.


  • Adidas

    At TODOPADEL we have the best Adidas padel rackets for your matches and competitions, both at an amateur and professional level. We put at your disposal a wide assortment of padel rackets with different technical attributes, so that they adapt perfectly to your requirements both in price and quality.

    In addition, in our online padel store you can find your padel racket at the best price if you are an amateur and what you are looking for is to start in this sport. If you are already a true professional, you will find the most sophisticated padel rackets on the market for your competitions at the highest level.

  • Bullpadel

    Come and discover the padel rackets of the Bullpadel brand. Now we present you the models of its 2020 collection, a catalog full of top quality padel rackets, made with the best materials and the most advanced technology. Simply incredible.

    Of Spanish design and technology, this brand was born in 1995 with an ambitious project full of great and important challenges. In fact, it was one of the first Spanish brands to fully immerse itself in the padel industry, sponsoring players, monitors and clubs.

  • Babolat

    Babolat padel rackets are of very good quality. The well-known French brand based in Lyon, founded by Pierre Babolat in 1875, has made great strides in the manufacture of tennis and padel rackets with great success that has led it to be the pioneer in padel in France.

    The blades use ecological materials, tungsten, fiberglass or carbon in their blades, causing the attention of the rest of the players with their designs. Their performance on the court increases with each blade, and their experience in the world of tennis is transferred only as they know it. Babolat padel rackets are perfect for intermediate and beginner level players, since their quality of rubber helps to feel the ball and control the game at all times.

  • Black Crown

    At Black Crown we are exclusively dedicated to this sport. And we want to be your head experts in the world of padel. We are a family business, and that is why we can be very close to our clients. We create padel rackets that adapt to different levels of play and that are tested and verified by our World Padel Tour players, such as Marta Marrero and Adrián “Tito” Allemandi among others.

    Our goal is to seek the comfort of the amateur padel player with an optimal ratio between the high quality of our blades and their price. Black Crown draws on the experience of the best professional padel players to perfect our products.

  • Drop Shot

    Drop Shot is one of the most successful brands in paddle tennis to the point that the one considered the best player of all time, Juan Martín Díaz participates in the World Padel Tour with the Drop Shot Conqueror JMD, a shovel designed following the advice of this player. For this reason, Drop Shot is characterized by offering quality blades to paddle tennis players. As the brand itself assures on its website they have "unique in the sector" technologies such as the Super Rebound Cork System, Super Grip Capsule System or Carbon Bumppers. In addition, the brand has been very close to Juan Martín Díaz who has advised them to offer the best qualities and designs. That is why it is not whimsical that they use the best materials to improve the game of paddle tennis players.

  • Head

    The Head firm can be seen as one of the most innovative and influential brands in sports paronama. And it is not only a question of image. If Head has known how to do something very well, they are high-performance padel rackets, with innovations and systems that give the rackets an enviable experience and playability.

    Head counts as stellar players the Argentine Sanyo Gutiérrez, who plays with the Graphene 360 Alpha Pro model and the player Ariana Sánchez with the Alpha Motion

  • J'hayber

    J'hayber is a Spanish sports brand with a long history. For years it has offered high quality and resistant shoes. It is a brand that sponsors high-level padel players.

    Jhayber padel rackets are characterized by their good performance at every point. Among its catalog we can find rackets for professional players, but also rackets for amateur players of all levels. They are easily adaptable blades, with good control and power. Rackets that will not disappoint the most demanding padel player.

    They are manufactured with the highest quality materials, it counts among its manufacturing materials with carbon fiber, or Black EVA rubber. They are blades of great resistance.

  • Joma

    The Spanish multinational JOMA bursts into the world of padel. Not only is it satisfied with being the official WPT footwear for 3 years, but now it presents us with an unprecedented collection of blades with a spectacular quality-price ratio !!

  • Nox

    NOX is the official shovel of the WPT.

    Excellent finishes, spectacular design, first-class materials, outstanding performance. This is the padel brand NOX, a firm capable of leaving even the most professional players with their mouths open. Always standing out in the World Padel Tour tournaments, Nox offers a wide range of padel rackets for all audiences, always combining high-quality materials, molds with structural reinforcements, longer grips that improve comfort and touch with the racket, etc.

  • StarVie

    Las palas Star Vie destacan por unos diseños muy elegantes y marcos con las mejores prestaciones. El catálogo de palas de pádel de StarVie es muy amplio y como siempre de gran calidad. StarVie es una empresa de pádel nacida en el 2002, dedicada a la comercialización y fabricación de productos relacionados con el mundo del pádel. Como ya sabéis Star Vie fabrica en España, con muy buenas calidades y siempre utilizando las mejores características y materiales para proporcionar productos de la más alta calidad y asegurar una práctica del pádel del más alto nivel.The Star Vie blades stand out for their very elegant designs and frames with the best features. The StarVie padel racket catalog is very wide and as always of high quality. StarVie is a padel company born in 2002, dedicated to the marketing and manufacture of products related to the world of padel. As you already know, Star Vie manufactures in Spain, with very good qualities and always using the best characteristics and materials to provide products of the highest quality and ensure the highest level of padel practice.

  • Vibora

    Las palas de pádel Vibora son unas de las mejores palas de pádel del mercado. Su rendimiento en pista es inmejorable. Toda su gama de palas está dirigida a jugadores del más alto nivel. 

    Vibor-a es una de las marcas más importantes de pádel. Desde sus comienzos, se han caracterizado por proporcionar el material de pádel de más calidad del mercado. Como paleteros o textil.

    Entre su catálogo encontramos palas para jugadores que prefieren la potencia en sus golpes, o palas para golpear la bola con precisión. También encontramos palas equilibradas, palas que su rendimiento es inmejorable en cada punto.

  • Wilson
  • Siux

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