Here you can find the main brands of padel and tennis balls.

When choosing your ball we recommend that you consider not only durability, but also the most appropriate ball for your area and / or season of the year.

At TODOPADEL we can advise you so that you get the best performance out of your balls based on these factors.


  • Adidas

    Adidas provides a durable ball. Very durable, at the same price level as the best-selling Head Pro.

    The Aditour ball will surprise you.

  • Babolat

    The Babolat Plus ball is highly recommended, because having a synthetic felt makes it have a long useful life, in addition to an affordable price.

  • Bullpadel

    Considered by many as the best ball for its durability and speed, the Bullpadel Premium ball is one of the best valued on the market.

  • Dunlop

    The DUNLOP FORT ball is no doubt the best selling tennis ball in the world.

    This experience and privileged position is used by DUNLOP to get a very competitive ball in the sport of padel.

  • Head

    The official ball of the WPT and without doubt, the best seller.

    Enjoy the same ball that the best players in the world play with.

    It has two versions: the Pro and the Pro S as a novelty, to play at low altitude and / or humid areas without losing speed.

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