The choice of a good grip or overgrip is very important for the practice of padel.

Here you have the best options: colors, grip, price.

Yours is the decision.


  • Adidas

    Micro-perforated Adidas overgrips with great adhesion with high absorption of sweat and water. Maximum comfort and soft touch. Excellent grip sensation.

  • Babolat

    The Pro Tacky overgrip is actually tennis, but it's perfect for padel. Very good touch and better grip.

    It also has the My Overgrip model, in colors, at a very good price.

  • Bullpadel

    Excellent replacement overgrips, very good absorption and great grip for optimal comfort.

  • Dunlop

    Dunlop blades are characterized by their excellent value for money. They are rackets that adapt to the level and price of all players and have the widest range of products.

    It is one of the main tennis brands, and one of the oldest in paddle tennis. It has been characterized since its inception by the manufacture of quality blades at a reasonable price, providing high quality blades.

  • Head
  • Karakal
  • Nox
  • StarVie

    Las palas Star Vie destacan por unos diseños muy elegantes y marcos con las mejores prestaciones. El catálogo de palas de pádel de StarVie es muy amplio y como siempre de gran calidad. StarVie es una empresa de pádel nacida en el 2002, dedicada a la comercialización y fabricación de productos relacionados con el mundo del pádel. Como ya sabéis Star Vie fabrica en España, con muy buenas calidades y siempre utilizando las mejores características y materiales para proporcionar productos de la más alta calidad y asegurar una práctica del pádel del más alto nivel.

  • Varlion

    790 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Varlion, since the creation of its first blades in Argentina, and later in Spain, has become a benchmark brand in the world of paddle tennis. Their blades are always among the most demanded on the market, due to their high quality, performance and design. They are blades with which we can always improve and get our best level of play.

    Among its catalog we can find Varlion female blades, Varlion blades for women have been manufactured taking into account the characteristics of the female game, with less weight, and with designs that perfectly adapt to the taste of women.

    One of the main characteristics of the Varlion rackets is their durability, they are highly resistant rackets, created to withstand a large number of matches in perfect condition.

  • Wilson

    WILSON PRO in its two versions of smooth or rough overgrip is the most desired by the most demanding.

    In white, it provides the best grip. Do not miss the offer of 5 overgrips, because the price is much cheaper.

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