List of products by brand ShockOut

At ShockOut we have set out to create a complete catalog of sports accessories with the highest quality.
We research and develop new ideas and technologies to bring them closer to the athlete.
How could it be otherwise, our starting point is our exclusive anti-vibrators for padel.
The only padel product with proven utility under scrupulous study by the prestigious Higher Technical School of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in collaboration with the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation.
Discover new sensations without vibrations and how to customize your racket both aesthetically and technically.
Along the same lines, we have launched ShockOut Under Grip, with incredible qualities for absorbing vibrations and unbeatable comfort. Another accessory with a very long service life.
We are also forming a team of WPT players that we are very proud of and that does not stop growing.

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